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Paul: Carl, there's a dead human in our house!
Carl: Ooh, hey, how did he get here?
Paul: Caaaarl, what did you do?
Carl: Me? Um, I didn't do this...
Paul: Explain what happened Carl!
Carl: I've never seen em' before in my life.
Paul: Why did you kill this person Carl?
Carl: I do not kill people, That is, That is my Least favorite thing to do.
Paul: Tell me Carl, exactly what you were doing before I got home.
Carl: Well, I was upstairs...
Paul: Mhm, okay...
Carl: I was in my room, reading a book...
Paul: Yes,go on...
Carl: and well this guy walked in...
Paul: Okay...
Carl: So I went up to him...
Paul: Yes...
Carl: and I, uh, I stabbed him thirty-seven times in the chest.
*Awkward Silence*
Paul: Caaaaaaaaaarl, that kills people!
Carl: Um, oh, I Didn't know that...
Paul: Carl, how could you not know that?
Carl: Yeah, I'm in the wrong here, I suck.
Paul: What happened to his hands?
Carl: Whats that?
Paul: His hands, W-Why are they missing?
Carl: U-Uh, I, um... Kinda cooke
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i... i uhh... i guess im online again. i took a little break and stuff. i was trying to get my life straightened out and stuff but as usually i got more kunfuzzled. i just need to get out of this... dry spell? i guess? ive tried making art to ease my stress but it just turns out bad.. i cant stand to look and the world anymore. life is just bleak, void of color. happiness is seldom and short lived......... gods i sound depressing. . . .


Artist | Student | Photography
United States
if you know me, you know me. if you dont , get to know me. either way its for your benifit.

i know that we are young and i know that you may love me... but i just cant be with you like this and more. Alejandro <3

kiss me.kill me.

`. juan (gayboy) silva
- 15
- almost 6'
- Sophomore in highschool
- loud and obnoctious and most importantly proud
- polyamoruse
- pagan and proud
- taurus, Random, and Open Minded ;)

- amps♥
- skrillex♥
- lady gaga♥
- marilyn manson♥
- take5s, reeces, skor, and sweet tarts ♥
- My future Husband; Prince Henry Charles Albert David :D <3

- douche bags
- poeple who dislike jersey shore
- dr. pepper and orange juice
- cristian music
- party poopers/poeple who push religion
- silence


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the game
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The “Class”ic
Today on August 18th, 1920 h American government ratified the 19th Amendment. This amendment give the right o suffrage to all female citizens of age. Forty-One years ago Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton first introduced the draft, and only a year ago the united states congress submitted it for ratification. IGNORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its for school
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last comment was an essay for school... ignore
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I think that three years of math is quite enough. I think that a fourth year of math should not be mandatory if it is not necessary to the vast majority of jobs that are most common. A fourth year of math can be mentally draining and time consuming for something that may not be necessary for my life after school. Most people at my age know what they want to do after high school, whether it be college or strait to work or the military. I speak not for people who enjoy math or know that a fourth year may be helpful to what they want to do after school or are even interested in taking a fourth year. I’m talking about the large group of people who say that a fourth year of math is completely useless to them. I think that three years of mathematics is quite enough.
My first piece of evidence for this reasoning is that it isn’t necessarily useful to most jobs in America
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